Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement
AP Overview
The Advanced Placement Program offers qualified students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to take rigorous, College Board approved, college level courses that help satisfy Durham Public Schools graduation criteria and the opportunity to earn college credit. AP college level courses include reading and writing assignments that are more complex and require more time to complete than assignments in other courses. That effort is rewarded with higher course weighting and college credit.  Universities and colleges, however, determine their own policy regarding college credit for AP courses based on AP exam scores. Students and parents are encouraged to check the credit policies of universities as acceptable scores differ with each institution.  University pages may be accessed at  DPS policy 3305.2 states that Advanced Placement students are expected to take the AP exams for courses in which they are enrolled. Exams cost $94; they are currently funded by the NC State Legislature. See your school's AP Coordinator for further information.

  • DPS currently offers 25 of the 34 different AP courses across the district
  • In May 2017 2,585 AP exams were taken by 1,355 students.
  • The following levels of distinction were recognized by College Board for 2012 AP exam performances:
    • 154 AP Scholars: Students earned a score of 3 or better on 3 or more AP exams
    • 74 AP Scholars with Honor: Students earned an average score of 3.5 on all exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on 4 or more exams
    • 119 AP Scholars with Distinction: Students with an average score of 3.5 on exams taken, and score of 3 or higher on 5 or more of exams taken
    • 17 National AP Scholars: –Students who receive an average score of at least all AP exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more exams taken
  • All high schools in Durham Public Schools offer Advanced Placement courses. Check with your school’s AP Coordinator with questions.
  • 288 DPS students attended district review sessions held on two Saturdays in April 2012 . Sessions will again be held on April 13 and April 20, 2013 at Durham School of the Arts. 
  • 150 DPS students attended AP Summer Scholars Camp during the summer 2016. This camp previews various AP courses and study/organization skills needed for those new to AP 
  • Advanced Academics Lead Teachers at each comprehensive high school support AP teachers and students.
  • AP teachers are trained through College Board summer institutes and one day professional development workshops.
  • Saturday Review Sessions (April/May 2017) - AP Students are supported by the district with opportunities to review for their exams with an experienced AP teacher in various courses on Saturday, April 28th and Saturday, May 5th. Morning sessions are from 8:30-11:30 and afternoon sessions are from 12:15-3:15. For more information, click on "Saturday Review Sessions" in the column to the right.
  • Summer Scholars Camp (July- 2017) - Aspiring AP students are strongly encouraged to participate in this free boot-camp style opportunity that previews various AP courses and skills for those new to AP.  For more information, click on "Summer Scholars Camp" in the column to the right.
  • AP prepares you for college through experiencing college level materials, instructions and evaluations.
  • The AP exam affords you the chance to take a college test evaluated by university instructors and AP teachers.
  • Research shows that with taking just one AP course students are more likely to stay in college and graduate on time.
  • AP helps you stand out from the crowd. 85% of selective colleges and universities indicate that a student’s AP experience “favorably impacts admissions decisions.”
  • 31% of colleges and universities factor a student’s AP experience into decisions about scholarship awards.
  • AP credit from your university gives you the chance to take upper level courses sooner and even explore other interests such as study abroad.
 Advanced Placement Resources: