Parent Resources

The Department of Advanced Academics partners with parents to ensure students are receiving the best education possible.   Every school district in North Carolina writes a three-year plan which outlines its goals and plans for serving gifted and advanced students.  Click here to read the 2010-2013 AIG Plan for Durham Public Schools.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I nominate my child for AIG services?

Each K-8 school has an AIG Facilitator.  Ask to speak to that person so that you can complete the Parent Nomination form for AIG Services.  The AIG Facilitator and AIG committee at the school will then assess testing results that may already be in place or decide that further testing is needed.  

How are students identified AIG?

Students are tested in 3rd and 6th grade using the Cognitive Abilitities Test as a sweep screen, but there are also checklists and other documentation that need to gathered.  Contact your school's AIG Facilitator if you have further questions.

What is a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP)?

A Differentiated Education Plan is a document that clarifies the services that your student's school offers, and how the school will use those to meet the student's needs.  Below are examples of DEP's for each grade group.

    K-2   3-5      6-8    

Can you explain the acronyms used?

  • AA-Advanced Academics, the division of DPS that manages, maintains and accounts for the AIG student population
  • AIG-Academically/Intellectually Gifted, students who are identified as gifted through testing and/or other processes
  • CFGE-Center for Gifted Education located at William and Mary College
  • DEP-Differentiated Education Plan, the tool used to align teachers and parents to curriculum enrichment opportunities for students
  • DEPOT-Durham’s Enterprise Portal of Online Tools, web based sharing platform for DPS employees
  • DPS-Durham Public Schools, the local LEA referred to in the AIG plan
  • LEA-Local Education Agency
  • PAGE-Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education, a parent-based support group providing extra-curricular opportunities for students and parents in DPS.
  • PLC-Professional Learning Community, a meeting or platform for teachers and other school based personnel to collaborate
  • W&M-William and Mary Curriculum, a concept based unit plan guide for language arts grades 3-8

What programs are offered in Durham Public Schools to enrich my student's learning?

There are specific instructional resources located in the school day, depending on the grade level.  There are also extra curricular activities that are provided.  Contact your school's AIG Facilitator for more information.