Google Apps for Education

 Beginning  Intermediate  Advanced
  • I can insert a table, an image, a drawing, a link into a document.
  • I can view and restore previous versions of a document.
  • I can download my document to another file type.
  • I can use document tools such as Research and Define.
  • I can choose settings such as language and time zone.
  • I can publish a document to the Web so others can find it.
  • I can create groups in Google Contacts and share documents with those groups.
  • I can upload folders into my Google Drive and share them.
  • I can create notifications to alert me when changes are made to a document.
  • I can organize my Google Drive using folders and stars.
  • I can share folders and/or documents directly from my Google Drive.
  • I can upload files into my Google Drive and, optionally, convert them into Google documents.
  • I can find templates within Google Docs’ Template Gallery to use.
  • I can submit a document to Google Docs’ Template Gallery.
  • I can download Google Drive and work on documents offline.
  • I can add events within  Google Calendar.
  • I can create additional calendars within Google Calendar.
  • I can choose a custom color for my calendars.
  • I can add a shared (i.e. a school-wide calendar) calendar to my Google Calendar list.
  • I can share my calendars with others, giving them the ability to view or edit.
  • I can create a Google Site, edit a page with text, add additional pages, and publish the site.
  • I can add hyperlinks to my Google Site.
  • I can add files and documents to my Google Site.
  • I can embed Google Documents, Forms Calendar, and/or video to my Google Site.    
  • I can change the appearance of my Google Site.