Blogging for Learning

Learning Objectives: In this training, participants will...
  • learn about blogging
  • explore educational blogs
  • create & customize blogs
  • post their own blog posts
  • share their blogs with others
  • read & post comments on others' blogs
  • discuss ways in which blogs can be used in the classroom

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An Introduction to Blogging:

Getting Started with Blogging:

1.To use Google's Blogger to host your blog, go to, & sign in using your DPS credentials.

Note: Other blogging platforms include Wordpress, Edublogs, Kidblog, and Typepad. You can later explore these & decide if you'd rather use any of them instead of Blogger. Blogging is personal, so the tool is a personal choice. Mainly remember--It's not the technology; it's how you use it!

Here are some things to consider before creating your blog:

*Blog title/URL

*your intended audience

2. Customize Your Blog:

3. Post a blog

Activity A: Write a blog on one of the following topics:

    • How technology has changed the classroom
    • My first year of teaching
    • When I was in school...
    • How public schools should change

4. Share your blog post with others.

Blogging isn’t just about writing posts – it’s about sharing your learning and reflecting on what you have learned.

Important parts of the blogging process include encouraging students to:

      • Read other people’s blog posts.
      • Interact and comment on other people’s blog posts to challenge each others thoughts and views.
      • Write posts in response to other bloggers’ posts.

Video: Tips for Writing Quality Comments

Commenting Guidelines

Blogging Rubric Example

Activity B:

  • Send an email to a classmate sitting next to you with the URL of your blog in the message. Share your email address so that he/she may also share his/her URL. 
  • Open your email, & click on the link of his/her blog.
  • Read his/her blog post, & write comments in response to what he/she wrote. 
  • After posting your comments, return to your blog, & read the comments left for you. 
  • Reply to those comments.

5. Blogging in the classroom:

Activity C: Think-pair-Share

  • How could blogs be used to enhance teaching & learning in & out of the classroom?
  • How can you use blogs in your current role?

6. Final thoughts:

Activity D: Please read & comment on my Blogger blog page. There are 3 questions to reflect/comment on within my post. Please respond to all 3.

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