B. What should you do if your computer doesn’t work?

Follow these procedures to resolve an issue with an apparent malfunctioning computer.
  • Teacher contacts the building's Technology Facilitator.
  • Technology Facilitator will try to resolve the problem.
  • If the Technology Facilitator cannot resolve the problem, he or she will contact the Help Desk (help.desk@dpsnc.net or 919-560-3837).
  • A Help Desk ticket will be created by IT Help Desk when contacted in order to track the problem.
  • Each school has an IT Technician who visits schools once a week to resolve Helpdesk tickets.
  • DPS offers an on-line database of service requests at http://helpdesk.dpsnc.net.
  • No more than one person at each school should be creating Help Desk tickets (ideally this would be the Technology Facilitator).
  • An IT Help Desk representative will visit the school or work with the Technology Facilitator to resolve the problem.