Digital Teaching & Learning Academy Description 
The Digital Teaching & Learning Academy (DTLA) is a series of 2.5 day workshops.  Click here for the schedule.  DTLA will focus on teachers becoming more successful at delivering instruction through interactive pedagogical techniques, and seamlessly locating, organizing and utilizing high quality and appropriate digital resources—in effect, becoming knowledge brokers for their students, and in turn helping to ensure that their students use their screen time purposefully, effectively, and appropriately. The Academy will utilize the DPS Five Pillars of Future-Ready Teaching and Learning model, which incorporates Standards and Policies, Best Practices, Tools for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Support Resources, and Assessment Tools.

1/2 Day Online Prerequisite
Each participant in the Digital Teaching & Learning Academy (DTLA) is required to complete a 1/2 day online prerequisite course.  The goal of the prerequisite course is to establish a baseline understanding of the concepts that will be uncovered during the face-to-face sessions, making the face-to-face sessions more productive and meaningful.  Click on the link below to begin your 1/2 day prerequisite coursework.
Face-to-Face Session Location, Times, & Considerations
  • Location:  Hillside High School
    • Media Center & Computer Lab (Elementary)
    • Room 225 (Secondary) 
  • Times:  
    • 8 AM to 8:30 AM (breakfast and getting settled)
    • 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (instruction)
    • 1-hour will be provided for lunch
    • In order to receive credit for the DTLA, each participant must be present during the entire duration of the face-to-face sessions
  • Items to bring:
    • Laptop (you must bring a laptop in order to participate in planned activities)
    • A lesson plan on which you'd like to improve
    • Jacket or sweater (please dress for varied temperatures, ideally a light shirt with a jacket or sweater in case the air conditioning makes the room cooler than you would like)