5. Lesson Planning

  • Access and make a copy of the DPS Lesson Plan Template
    • Title your lesson plan using the appropriate naming convention- Grade/Course Name Subject Document Name (e.g. "DPS Grade 6 ELA Unit 1 Lesson: Theme vs. Main Idea")
  • Access, review, & make a copy of the Lesson Plan Rubric.
    • Title your rubric with DTLA and the number lesson plan (e.g. "DTLA Lesson # Rubric")
    • Refer to Stage 3 of the rubric often as you transform your lesson plan.
  • Using the knowledge and skills you have developed, transform your existing lesson plan into the lesson plan template.
  • Share your lesson plan and rubric with someone in your group as he or she shares with you. 
    • You'll find their shared documents in Google Drive "Shared with Me."
  • Assess each other's lesson plans & rubrics, complete the rubric on your partner's lesson plan, and discuss the results.
  • Review the rubric that your partner completed, and refine your lesson plan as necessary to meet "3 = Meets the standards" 
  • Once you have completed revisions on the lesson plan, share it with Jerry.Williamson@dpsnc.net and Amy.Todd@dpsnc.net
  • Repeat this process for your second lesson plan.
Lastly, we'll guide you through entering the lesson plan into Schoolnet using the instructions on 6. Creating Instructional Materials in Schoolnet.

DPS Lesson Template