6. Creating Instructional Materials in Schoolnet

Activity/Task Instructions:
  1. Finalize your lesson plan on Google Drive. (Note: It is a living document in your Drive. As you go back & make changes, they will be instantly viewable via the URL. 
  2. Prepare the URL for access within Schoolnet:
    • Change the share settings in your Google document to "Anyone with the link."
    • Copy the URL of your Google document.
    • Go to goo.gl, & paste the URL in the in the blank box.
    • Click "Shorten URL."
    • Copy the shortened URL.
  3. Go to PowerSchool, sign in, & click "Schoolnet" on the left.
  4. Hover your cursor over "Classrooms," & click on "Instructional Materials."
  5. Click "Go" beside "Create Lesson Plan."
  6. Enter your lesson plan into Schoolnet using the guide below.