InstructionsIn order to understand the NC ITES, your prerequisite tasks are to 
  • review the chart below that includes the EQs for this prerequisite module
  • watch the introduction
  • review the "NC Information & Technology Essential Standards (ITES) & Resources by Grade Level" for the grade level(s) you serve
  • complete the assessment 
Enduring UnderstandingDTLA participants will understand that ITES are to be seamlessly integrated into all subject areas, Pre-K-12.
Essential QuestionsHow do we use the ITES in order to locate, analyze, and communicate information in all subject areas?
KnowledgeDTLA participants will know what the ITES are for their grade level(s).
SkillsDTLA participants will be able to locate & understand the ITES for their grade level(s).


Required Readings & Materials: 

Interconnectedness of the NC Teacher Evaluation Process & the ITES

NC Information & Technology Essential Standards (ITES) & Resources by Grade Level

Grades 6-8
Grades 9-12 

NC ITES: Check for Understanding