5. Schoolnet

InstructionsIn order to comprehend The Five Pillars of Future-Ready Teaching & Learning model, your prerequisite tasks are to: 
  • review the chart below that includes the EQs for this prerequisite module
  • watch the introductory video
  • read and review all Required Readings, Materials, and Tasks 
  • complete the assessment, Schoolnet 101 Check for Understanding
Enduring UnderstandingDTLA participants will understand that how Schoolnet can inform their instructional planning.
Essential QuestionsHow can DPS teachers use the tools within Schoolnet to make informed instructional decisions?
KnowledgeDTLA participants will know the components of Schoolnet and the purpose of each component.
SkillsDTLA participants will be able to access and navigate Schoolnet, and find and create lesson plans and assessments.  


Required Readings, Materials, and Tasks
  1. View Accessing Schoolnet
  2. Task- log into PowerSchool and access your Schoolnet account
  3. View Navigating Schoolnet
  4. View Schoolnet Roles & Permissions
  5. Task- find and note the role assigned to you in Schoolnet
  6. View Finding & Creating Instructional Materials in Schoolnet
  7. View Schoolnet Assessments Introduction
  8. Complete and submit the Check for Understanding form below

Schoolnet 101- Check for Understanding