Merging Data from Google Sheets to Google Docs

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Google Docs Merges

This workshop is delivered through Google Classroom.  To participate:
  1. ensure that you are logged into your DPS Google Apps account at and logged out of any personal Google accounts (click here for more information);
  2. go to;
    • if you have never been in Google Classroom, select your correct role- "Teacher" or "Student;"
  3. click the "+" sign;
  4. enter the join code "yimsliw";
  5. click "Join;"
  6. Click on the topic "(1.A) Merging Sheets Data to Documents."
  7. watch, read, review posted materials;
  8. ask and respond to questions in the Classroom comments thread;
  9. follow the instructions in Classroom to complete the assignment(s);
  10. upon completion, you will receive an email with your certificate of completion and your name will be posted below!
Session Agenda:
• Create a Folder in Google Drive
• Create a Google Sheet with at Least Two Rows of Information
• Create a Google Document to Serve as Template
• Use an Add-on to Merge the sheet data into the Google Document

Session Materials:
• Google Sheets- Merge to Document Gradebook Example (copy)
• Google Document- Merge to Document Gradebook Example (copy)