Project-Based Learning

InstructionsIn order to comprehend Project-Based Learning (PBL), your tasks are to: 
  • review the chart below that includes the EQs for this prerequisite module,
  • watch the Google Presentation "PBL Discovery," along with the embedded introductory video,
  • read and review all "Required Readings & Materials," 
  • complete the verification form, "PBL: Check for Understanding."
Enduring Understanding DTLA participants will understand that Project-Based Learning is a student-centered pedagogical approach in which students explore real-world problems and challenges through complex questioning.
Essential Questions How do we design instruction that promotes student-centered learning opportunities related to real-world challenges?
Knowledge DTLA participants will understand what Project-Based Learning is.
Skills DTLA participants will be able to begin developing PBL projects.


PBL Discovery ‎‎(via NC New Schools & Lucas Middle)‎‎

Required Readings & Materials

Check for Understanding: Project-Based Learning