Understanding by Design (UbD)

InstructionsIn order to comprehend the concept of Understanding by Design, your prerequisite tasks are to 
  • review the chart below that includes the EQs for this prerequisite module
  • watch the introductory video
  • read and review all "Required Readings & Materials" 
  • complete the assessment, UbD Check for Understanding
Enduring Understanding DTLA participants will understand that Understanding by Design provides the district’s outline for pedagogical planning.
Essential Questions
What is Understanding by Design?
How do we apply UbD to the lesson planning process?
Knowledge DTLA participants will understand what UbD is.
DTLA participants will be able to understand & utilize the district UbD template for planning instruction.


Required Readings & Materials
Assessment: UbD Check for Understanding

Understand by Design in a Nutshell: Check for Understanding