Beginning     Intermediate  Advanced
  •  I can explain to parents how to set up an account.
  • I can award badges to students in my group(s).
  • I can create a group in Edmodo.
  • I can explain to students how to join a group.
  • I can create small groups, differentiate access, change passwords, and manage parent codes.
  • I can post a note or a reply to a note and, if necessary, edit it.
  • I can post a note with a link, file, or Library item attached to specific group or person.
  • I can post a poll to a group.
  • I can post  and manage assignments.
  • I can use the Gradebook to manage my classes’ grades.
  • I can access the Library and add files and links.
  • I can share Library items with groups I have created or co-own.
  • I can create folder, organize my Library, and share folder with groups I have created or co-own.
  • I can connect my DPS Google Apps account to my Library and share my Google Docs in Edmodo.