eLearning Contract

1.  I will complete any online orientation to online learning prior to beginning my online course(s).
•  NCVPS Student Orientation- http://goo.gl/7STNkb
•  Ed Options Academy Orientation- http://goo.gl/PUa13t
•  Plato Student Orientation- https://goo.gl/NgE2if

2.  I will complete assignments, projects, and tests without the assistance of another person or resource, unless permitted by the online instructor.
•  I will maintain good attendance, good academic standing, good discipline record, adequate computer skills, and ability/willingness to work independently. 
•  I will attend classes and fully participate in as required by the online course AND my home high school. 
(Students will receive assignments via the Internet and will be required to complete them according to the online teacher’s time schedule. Students will be working independently).
•  I understand that if I do not log into my online course within the first 7 days after registration, I will be automatically dropped from the course.

3.  I understand the minimum time requirements for an online course:
•  Fall and spring block courses: 90 MINUTES OF WORK EACH DAY (depending on the course), MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. 
•  Yearlong courses: 50 - 60 MINUTES OF WORK EACH DAY (depending on the course), MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. 
•  Summer School: 3 - 5 HOURS OF WORK EACH DAY (depending on the course), MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. You must have daily access to the Internet for the duration of summer school. With NCVPS, there are NO exceptions made for students who attend camps or go on vacations where they do not have access to the Internet.  

4.  I understand that the NCVPS calendar may not match Durham Public Schools’ calendar and I will submit assignments as required by NCVPS’s calendar.

5.  I understand that once enrolled in an online course, I must stay in that course for the duration of the course. 
•  I understand that I can drop the course in days 1 - 9 without penalty.  
•  After day 10, I will receive a failing grade for the course.
•  Should I not complete the course; my transcript will include a failing grade.

6.  I understand online courses will be included in my GPA at the conclusion/completion of the course. 

7.  I understand that taking a credit recovery course will likely make me ineligible for NCAA scholarships and participation.

8.  I will inform my online instructor, on-site facilitator and on-site advisor in a timely manner if I am experiencing difficulty in my course (e.g. technical difficulties, navigational difficulties, or comprehension difficulties). 
•  I will seek the assistance of my building level ELA, teacher mentor, and peer mentor (if available) to be successful.

9.  I will inform my online instructor and building level ELA of any scheduled or unscheduled absences and make up missed work as required. 
•  I understand that if I am absent from an online course for 10 consecutive days, the teacher can email the following people: student/parent/ELA/principal informing of my absence.
•  I will have 10 days from that point to being participating in the course or I will receive a WF (Withdrawn-Failing) grade.

10.  I will use the school network and equipment in compliance with the Durham Public Schools Technology Acceptable Use Policy. (DPS Board Policy 3040).

11.  I agree to follow the EOC testing schedule (courses that have EOCs or VOCATS testing) that my home school provides for me. 

12.  I agree to return textbooks to the designated location not more than one day after the final course exam.