Do you have a flexible schedule, a flexible computer lab or media center, or a mobile computer cart?  Would you like to manage the scheduling of these resources in an efficient and equitable manner?  One great solution is to use your DPS Google Calendar in combination with the online application YouCanBook.Me.  YouCanBook.Me links to a Google Calendar of your choosing and displays time slots as available or busy.  To the right is a step-by-step set of instructions that leads you through the set up and administration of the tools. For a real-life example, go here. 

What are the key outcomes of using Google Calendar and YouCanBook.Me?
  • An online calendar displays the busy and available times of one of your selected Google Calendars (with no other details).
  • Users click on an available time, answer the questions you pose, and submit the booking.
  • An email is sent to the user (and you, if desired) with a confirmation.
  • The request appears on the Google Calendar.
  • Once a time slot is booked, another user cannot override it.  Only you can remove a reservation.