NCTIES 2016: Media-Tech Scholarships Available!

AboutThe NCTIES Conference:
“The mission of NCTIES is to provide leadership in educational communications and technology by linking all who hold a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process. Registration for NCTIES 2016 gives you access to over 150 concurrent, workshop, and playground sessions; informal meet and greet opportunities; our keynotes; exciting featured speakers; and vendor exhibit hall. NCTIES 2016 provides a multitude of professional development opportunities for the entire education team.
  • Teachers will develop strategies to boost digital age learning
  • Tech Facilitators and Coaches will find out about the latest tactics for implementing digital age learning
  • Administrators will discover how technology improves outcomes for all learners.
  • Media Specialists will learn best practices and strategies for developing digital age literacy”
(Source: NCTIES Conference Site. Accessed 1/12/16.)

March 3rd & 4th, 2016 (Pre-Conference March 2nd)

About DPS NCTIES Scholarships:
Scholarships for regular conference registration and substitutes (if needed and requested) are provided through the NCDPI Digital Teaching and Learning Grant received by the DPS Media and Educational Technology Department. Pre-conference registration and travel related expenses, such as mileage, hotel and food, are not included in the scholarship other than the closing luncheon.  These scholarships are available to Instructional Technology Facilitators, Media Coordinators and Technology Champions only.

DPS Participant Expectations:

  1. Review all expectations, and submit your information for consideration using the form below.

  2. Select one category below that will be your focus during/after attending NCTIES 2016: 

  1. Integrating the Information and Technology Essential Standards in the Curriculum
    Description: Participant locates and attends sessions at NCTIES 2016 that are related to intentionally planning and implementing the five strands of the ITES.
    Potential Topics at NCTIES 2016

  1. Research Process: Engaging students in various research processes

  2. Safety and Ethics: Internet safety with 1:1 or mobile learning

  3. Technology as a Tool: Utilizing various programs and devices to enhance learning

  1. Approaching “Accomplished” in the NC Professional Teaching Standards
    Description: Participant locates and attends sessions at NCTIES 2016 that promote leadership, diverse learning needs, professional growth, and reflection.
    Potential Topics at NCTIES 2016

  1. 21st century programs: strategies and resources for planning and implementing future-ready learning

  2. Differentiation: leveraging technology to personalize, individualize, and differentiate instruction for all learners

  3. Global awareness: understanding unique learner needs and how to best meet them

  1. Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN) through Social Media and Web 2.0
    Description: Participant locates and attends sessions at NCTIES 2016 that relate to developing/growing one’s connections and collaborative work with others in the field through the use of social networking/media and/or Web 2.0.
    Potential Topics at NCTIES 2016

  1. Social Media/Networking: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Edmodo, Pinterest

  2. Web 2.0: Google Apps for Education (Drive, Sites, Classroom, Groups, Blogger), Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis, Listservs)

III. Attend appropriate sessions scheduled at NCTIES 2016 that relate to the category chosen. Potential topics are listed but not limited to those under each category to assist with your selection. Provide a list of the sessions you attended (form to follow).

IV. Create a multimedia professional learning product using Google Hangout (or another comparable application in a digital format for online posting) that will be added to the Media-Tech Online Professional Learning Catalog using the checklist linked here. The Hangout video can be a presentation with a voice-over, a screenshare showing resources/tools that were explored in your sessions, or a video talk in which you address the chosen focus category and how the sessions that you attended helped you develop in that category.

V. Electronically submit your professional learning product by May 2, 2016.

VI. Share/discuss your experience/presentation at a 2016-2017 Media-Tech PLC.

Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement could result in a $155.00 deduction from your June, 2016 paycheck.  

To Receive a NCTIES Scholarship, complete and submit the form below.  Deadline to apply is January 22nd.

2016 NCTIES Scholarship Application