ActivInspire- Engaging Students and Getting the Most out of Your Interactive White Board

Do you have an interactive whiteboard (Activboard, Brightlink, etc.) in your classroom and wondering how to engage students with dynamic presentations? My guest Kelly Stevens, a 7th grade social studies teacher, certified Promethean trainer, and former educational technology specialist, will talk about getting started with Activinspire and its use with an interactive white board for effective instruction.
Discussion Points
1.  Most classrooms in DPS are equipped with an interactive whiteboard (Brightlink or Activboard, typically).  Are there any differences between the brands of interactive whiteboards?
  •   Conceptually, all brands of interactive white boards are the same.  
2.  What is Activinspire?
  • Activinspire is a presentation software package, similar to PowerPoint, with embedded tools for effective teaching.
3.  How would you suggest a teacher who is new to their interactive board get started?
  • Promethean Planet
    • Promethean Activtips: Activtips are short video podcasts created by Promethean, you can access them here or via iTunes
    • Promethean Curriculum Forums:  With the adoption of common core, teachers across the country are collaborating online on topics of similar interest. 
    • Promethean Training Sites:  There are a variety of training options, some are free and some have a small cost.  Remember to get credit for the training that you complete! In NC it takes 5 hours to equal .5 and 10 hours to equal a full credit.  Save your documentation until you have accumulated at least .5 to send in to our district MLP organizer.
4.  What does Activinspire do when used with an interactive whiteboard?  What NC curriculum standards are you able to teach using Activinspire?
5.  Who has access to Activinspire in DPS and how can they install it?
  • DPS has a district license for Activinspire, meaning all teachers can install it on their DPS computers.  
  • Click here for serial number information (you will need to access this with your DPS Google Apps account ?).
6.  Why should a teacher just not use PowerPoints with his or her interactive white board?  
  • Activinspire is a dynamic presentation tool with embedded tools specifically designed for teaching in the K-12 environment.
7.  What is some of the key terminology a teacher should know regarding interactive white boards and Activinspire?
  • Flipchart, Toobar, Resource Browser, Annotate
8.  Does a teacher have to create all of his or her flipcharts?
  • Promethean Planet is searchable.  Teachers can find already-made flipcharts by subject area and grade level.
9.  Where can a DPS teacher go to learn more about Activinspire and his or her interactive whiteboard?  
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