Essential Apps for the 1:1 Classroom is a free service provided by Common Sense Media offering reviews for digital learning tools.  In this session, the guests recommend four web site/apps that have gained high praise on Graphite.   
  • Host- Kelly Mendoza, Professional Development Coordinator, Common Sense Media
  • Guest- Lisa Butler, 6th Grade Teacher
  • Jennifer Ehalt, Education Program Manager, Common Sense Media
Discussion Points
1. Animoto
Animoto is a simple video creation software. You simply drag in images and videos, add text and video. Students can focus on the message and not the technical how-to. Students in the Ms. Butler’s classroom have created advertisements and musical videos for vocabulary understanding. Read’s review of the Animoto app and web site here.
2. Google Earth
Google Earth is a 3-D graphical representation of the Earth. Students can virtually visit locations that would be impractical to visit in reality. Teachers can use Google Earth in a variety of ways. Ms. Butler mentioned the web sites Google Earth for Educators and the Google Earth Lesson Plan Library. Read’s review of Google Earth here.
3. Google Art Project
The Google Art Project is an online platform for presenting high-quality images of artwork housed in a number of art museums throughout the world. Users can search by artists to compare their pieces and take virtual tours of museums. The Google Art Project has a great YouTube channel and educator resources. Read’s review here.
4. Shmoop
Shmoop is a mostly-free web site that offers, according to Shmoop, “Rollicking homework help, teacher resources, and online test prep. Homework help lovingly written by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley”. Shmoop
5. is a free service provided by Common Sense media offering reviews for digital learning tools. All users can submit reviews of web sites and apps, thus contributing to a central database that all educators and students can go for quality advice.

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