Flexible Scheduling with Google Calendar & YouCanBook.Me

Coupling Google Calendar’s online-sharing capabilities and service YouCanBook.Me, DPS teachers and staff can manage their schedules without the traditionally necessary back and forth emails.  My Guest, Dr. Nolan, Principal at Middle College High School, will talk to us about the basics of using these services together and how he, specifically, uses them.  
  • Host- Jerry Williamson, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Dr. Nolan, Principal, Middle College High School
Discussion Points

1.  What is YouCanBook.Me and how does it work with Google Calendar?

  • YouCanBook.Me is a service that syncs with a Google Calendar.

  • Rather than emailing or calling back and forth to agree on mutually agreeable times, a user can show his or her booked and available times on the Google Calendar (without details) on his or her YouCanBook.Me site.

2.  Why would someone want to use YouCanBook.Me?

  • Anyone who has a flexible schedule to meet with many people or manages a flexible setting (computer lab, media center, etc.) that needs reserved, YouCanBook.Me can help more effeciently manage the scheduling.

3.  What have your experiences with YouCanBook.Me been?  Is it easy or difficult to set up, manage, and/or use?

  • The services has proved to be very easy to learn and use.  

4.  Special considerations- is it possible for a DPS staff member to set up multiple YouCanBook.Me calendars?

  • YouCanBook.Me grants non-profits a status to create multiple profiles, which allows to creat multiple booking calendars.

  • If you don’t have this ability and you are a DPS staff member, contact Kate Reiyner at team@softlysoftware.com.

5.  Where can others get more information about using YouCanBook.Me with their DPS Google Calendar?

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