Google Hangouts- Efficient Meetings, Dynamic Sharing

Virtual meeting applications have been around for a while now.  Google Hangouts takes the common components of existing virtual meeting applications and makes them available to Google users without costs.  The implications of the availability of Hangouts is that users in DPS can meet efficiently, and share ideas and documents dynamically.  My guest, Patrick Bryan, and I discuss Hangouts and how to use the service.
  • Host-  Jerry Williamson, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Patrick Bryan, Tech Champion, Neal Middle School
Discussion Points
1. What is Google Hangouts and how do DPS employees access it?
2. Why would someone want to use Google Hangouts versus some of the other services out there like Skype?
  • Google Hangouts has features that Skype does not have such as the ability to share screens, control another participant’s desktop, share files (from Google Drive), etc.  
3. What is the difference between a Hangout and a Hangout on Air?
  • A Hangout is a private video chat between 1 to 10 people.  Hangouts on Air are broadcast via YouTube and recorded so that they can be shared.
4. What technology and knowledge /skills does someone need in order to watch a Google Hangout?
  • A user only needs a device that can access the web to watch a Hangout on Air.  A Google Plus profile allows a user to participate more deeply in a Hangout- ask questions, participate in discussions on Google Plus, etc.
5. What technology and knowledge /skills does someone need in order to participate in a Google Hangout?
  • Web cam, microphone, well-lit room, and the patience to get familiar with the technology.
6. What are some of the different ways to use Google Hangouts for professional development, parent communication, and classroom instruction?

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