Google Sites- Virtual Learning Commons for Schools and Classrooms

Google Sites is a web site authoring service included in Google Apps for Education.  It allows students and teachers to create very simple to complex web sites.  My guest, Tori Gredvig, and I will talk about getting started with Google Sites, how it integrates with other Google Apps’ services, and how she, specifically uses Sites at her school.
  • Host-  Jerry Williamson, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Tori Gredvig, Media Coordinator & Technology Facilitator, Lakewood Montessori Middle School
Discussion Points

1.  How is Google Sites alike and different from other website authoring services on the web?

  • Google Sites allows for easy and quick web site creation and editing, but also provides enough capabilities to customize a more advanced web site.

  • You can publish a given template or customize its layout, colors, etc.  

  • Google Sites offers the ability to integrate your other Google products (Docs, Calendars, YouTube videos, etc.) into your web site.

2.  Why and how  would a DPS staff member or student use Google Sites?

  • Google Sites is part of our DPS Google Apps domain.  Teachers and students can access and create Sites through

3.  How customizable is a Google Site in terms of appearance?

4.  Can multiple people share a site (grade-level team, group of students, etc.)?  

5.  How do you use Google Sites?

  • Embedded Google Calendar and Google Presentation that is edited outside of Google Sites and is always current.

  • As a virtual learning commons- a place for all school staff to post their classroom’s work to be accessible by other teachers, students, and parents.

  • As an Intranet for in-house, private resources.

  • DPS users need to log into (enter your DPS username and password), click on the app grid in the top right-hand corner and choose the Sites icon.

  • Here is a great instructional doc for creating and editing a Google Site.

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