Conducting Research in All Subject Areas Utilizing the Big6/Super3 Research Process

Conducting research through the utilization of a defined research process is one standard in the North Carolina Information and Technology Essential Standards, and is central to the Common Core. The Big6/Super3 Research Model is used throughout Durham Public Schools at all grade levels and integrated into all subject areas.    This video is presented by Mike Eisenberg, the creator of the model, and provides an overview of the Big6 and Super3 approaches - the conceptual and definition side as well as the practical and implementation side.

Discussion Points:
  • What is Information Literacy? 
  • How does the Big6/Research Model help students develop information literacy skills?
  • What are the steps or stages in the Big6 process?
  • How is the Big6 modified for younger students? 
  • How does the Big6 Research Model incorporate technology?
  • How is the Big6 best implemented in the curriculum?
  • What are some examples of some actual research projects that have been conducted in context using the Big6/Super3? 
Food for Thought:
  • What are some advantages for students in using a formal research process?
  • How can using a research process increase rigor and critical thinking in instruction?
Examples of Projects in DPS which utilized the Big6
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