Pulling It All Together With An iPad Through The Lens of Second Grade

Pulling It All Together With An iPad Through The Lens of Second Grade!
  • Host- Dana Hodges, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Ashley Stephens, Second Grade Teacher, Glenn Elementary School
Have you ever had so many resources you are not sure how to use them together in a comprehensive lesson plan?  Well this video will address this issue.  A comprehensive lesson plan from a second grade teacher utilizing 5 digital resources below and completing the lesson with a project based assessment utilizing an iPad.  Quick, comprehensive, engaging with relative rigor!

YouTube Video

Discussion Points/Food for Thought!
  1. Is this just for second grade?
    • although this is a second grade lesson, all tools are adaptable for multiple grade levels
    • the focus for this lesson is Life Cycles
  2. Are multiple curriculum standards covered in this lesson?
    • yes, science and language arts
  3. What is RealtimeBoard?
    • a whiteboard where you can store all your ideas on an endless online board and share them with the entire team! Manage projects,
      brainstorm and discuss ideas together with the colleagues/students anytime, anywhere. Or use it in education and let students
      both in class and at home take part in the discussion.
    • features include, sticky notes, ability to add files, collaborate in real time and export results.
  4. Tech Tidbit!
    • download "pre-made" flip charts from Promethean Planet and edit as needed or just use what is needed
  5. How does it all tie together?
    • Video - Introduction
    • Flip chart - Vocabulary
    • K12reader - Information Gathering
    • RealtimeBoard - Brainstorming
    • Haiku App - Project Based Product (although this was done on the iPad, we can also create on a laptop!)
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