The Githens Middle School Raider Report- The New Media in the Hands of a New Generation

The Raider Report is a monthly newscast broadcast via  It is written, filmed, and edited by Githens Middle School students.  I am joined by the Raider Report’s advisor Scott Michaels, a Reading and Journalism teacher at the school.  In this session we will explore the inspiration for the group’s formation, what the group’s goals were, what they have learned since the beginning, and their goals for the future.
  • Host- Jerry Williamson, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Scott Michaels, Journalism teacher, Raider Report advisor, Githens Middle School
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Discussion Points
1.  What is the Raider Report and how did it begin?
  • The Raider Report is a video report written, edited, and posted by 8th grade students at Githens Middle School.  For a nice introduction, here is the What's Happening at DPS spot that was recently posted. 
  • The Raider Report has its own channel on YouTube.  You can find it here.  
  • Scott Michaels is a former professional journalist.  He used the skills he learned while as a journalist to inform the Raider Report.  
2.  What skills are students employing when they are producing the Raider Report?
  • Writing, editing, collaborating, researching, subject matter...the "hidden curriculum"...the list of skills obtained through this type of project-based-learning is hard to fully detail because so much goes into it.
3.  How much of the Raider Report student driven?
  • Almost all of it is student driven.  Mr. Michaels directs/coaches the students, so his imprint is definitely on the final product, but the students control much of what you see.
4.  What has the reaction been to the Raider Report by the Githens’ student community, teachers, administrators, and parents?
  • The Raider Report is not "polite" journalism, but it is fair and balanced.  The reaction has been, for the most part, been excellent.  
5.  Are there any outcomes of the Raider Report that have surprised you (that you did not foresee going into its development)?  
  • A couple of former Raider Reporters are assisting the Durham Bulls with video editing.
6.  How would recommend other schools get started with a similar project in their schools?
  • Contact your Media-Tech person (i.e. Jerry Williamson,  Scott Michaels will also provide you some information to get started.  
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