Schoolnet: The Parent, The Teacher, The Student and The Principal's Perspective!

Walk Around With Weebly!
  • Host- Dana Hodges, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Cornelius Redfearn, Principal, Glenn Elementary School
  • Guest- Sherry Ballentine, Parent, Student attending Panther Creek High School
  • Guest- Timika Brodie, Teacher, Glenn Elementary School
  • Guest- Somer Harris, Student, Glenn Elementary School
Schoolnet:  The Parent, The Teacher, The Student and the Principal's Perspective!
 The Parent

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 The Principal

 The Teacher/Student

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Discussion Points/Food for Thought!
  1. What is Schoolnet?
  2. What do you feel is one of the main functions Schoolnet?
  3. How you use Schoolnet in your day-to-day activities?
  4. Which feature you feel wold accommodate for your instructional activities?
  5. Why would I prefer Schoolnet over our current software programs (eg. Achievement Series, Depot, Nextpert)
  6. How easy wast it to navigate the program?
  7. Would your recommendation be to buy Schoolnet (yes or no)? Why?
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