Walk Around With Weebly!

Walk Around With Weebly!
  • Host- Dana Hodges, DPS Educational Technology Specialist
  • Guest- Kellarie Buff, Technology Facilitator, Durham Public Schools
In today's fast pace world we must be organized in our instruction hence creating more time on task for teaching and learning.  We all must be linked up!  Always connected to students and instructional material.  What if we can start by organizing ourselves by creating our own website that not only connects all of our instructional materials for classroom teaching, but allows interactive connectivity with our students?  Just a thought....let's ponder this idea and how Weebly relates to the classroom.

Walk Around With Weebly

Discussion Points/Food for Thought!
  1. What is Weebly?
    • a web-hosting service that features a surprisingly easy way to "drag-and-drop" to create a unique site.
    • named one of TIME's 50 Best Websites and it is free! 
  2. Is it easy to use?
    • in a word, YES
  3. Is it practical for me as a teacher?
    • within the video you will see sample teacher websites and yes it is practical
    • ease of use, professional look with templates, organization, blogs, time on task, collaboration and the list goes on
    • the blogging feature would be ideal for writing prompts
  4. How are the students able to retrieve the work?
    • one of the "free" features in Weebly is the ability to create classes and logins for students
    • students can easily access the teacher's site with a web address
  5. Can students create their own websites?
    • yes, and ideal for creating electronic portfolios
    • students will also learn organization and other skills that will follow them throughout their academic careers
  6. How does this tie into my professional standards?
    • technology is part of the evaluation process and what better way to show your expertise in this area with minimal effort!
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