Leader Group Instructions:
Below is the list of "looks like" items created on our first PLC day. Answer the questions in the form to the right in your group about your role as a leader in your school:

Library Media Coordinators
Standard 1: School library media coordinators demonstrate leadership.
  • School library media coordinators lead in the school library media center and media program to support student success.
  • School library media coordinators lead in their schools.
  • School library media coordinators advocate for effective media programs.
  • School library media coordinators demonstrate high ethical standards.

Elementary (Entire Document)
Looks Like:
  • Facilitates staff development
  • Media policies/program are closely aligned to Common Core/Standard Course of Study 
  • Initiate and promote staff collaboration
  • Connect with community members i.e. : churches, public libraries, parents, universities, and others--to advance library media program
  • Representation on SIT
  • Co-Facilitates MTAC
Additional Artifacts:
  • Minutes from meetings
  • Media Center Homepages
  • Staff Inservice
  • copies of e-mails where you initiate contact with teachers and other staff
  • Training logs
  • MTAC minutes
Resources (5 Pillars):
  • Edtech workshops at SDC
  • Atomic Learning
  • Sherry, Dana, Jerry, Amy and Mary Gray
Secondary (Entire Document)
Looks Like:
  • Foster collaboration with teachers. 
  • Make informed decisions about purchasing by talking to all stakeholders, looking at professional resources. 
  • Promoting ethical use of technology. Being on a school leadership committee. 
  • Coordinate activities (PD) for school. Mentor new and learning MCs and teachers.
  • Networking with colleagues Presenting/sharing information at meetings and conferences Being a resource person Collaborate with community partners (public library, local businesses, universities) Write grants Outreach to PTA/PTO and other parents Advising student activities and organizations 
Additional Artifacts:
  • Budget Pictures of events 
  • Ordering lists 
  • Activities log 
  • Meeting agendas 
  • MC Calendars 
  • MC Planning sheets 
  • MC Webpage Surveys of stakeholders 
  • Newsletter 
Resources (5 Pillars):
  • Google Drive 
  • Edmodo 
  • Lexile Framework & SRI 
  • ITES Curriculum 
  • Big 6 
  • Destiny 
  • NovelPlus 
  • Websites for teachers and students 
  • OneSearch

Instructional Technology Facilitators
Standard 1: Instructional technology facilitators demonstrate leadership. 
  • Instructional technology facilitators demonstrate 21st Century leadership in the school.
  • Instructional technology facilitators lead an instructional technology program that supports 21st Century teaching and learning.
  • Instructional technology facilitators advocate for effective instructional technology programs.
  • Instructional technology facilitators promote and facilitate effective collaboration among educators within and beyond the school setting.
  • Instructional technology facilitators demonstrate high ethical standards.
Elementary (Entire Document)
Looks Like:
  • MTAC
  • SIT Rep
  • Facilitates staff development
  • Advocate for the implementation and updating of technology equipment.
  • Liaison between district and school
Additional Artifacts:
  • minutes from staff development
  • minutes from MTAC meeting
Resources (5 Pillars):
  • Sherry, Dana, Jerry, Amy, and Mary Gray
  • EdTech trainings at SDC
  • Atomic Learning
  • Edmodo
  • Depot
Secondary (Entire Document)
Looks Like:
  • Have a PD plan for the year.
  • Offer on-going support.
  • Identify peer leaders within staff.
  • Do a needs assessment for PD.
  • Develop a technology plan.
  • Modeling integration of technology into pedagogy focus.
  • Meet with parents to promote technology.
  • Communicate to community via Website, Facebook, Twitter, blogs.
Additional Artifacts:
  • MTAC agenda
  • Newsletter
  • Tech Plan
  • PD Plan
  • Google calendars
Resources (5 Pillars):
  • Incorporate teaching & learning tools into PD. ie use ActiveInspire to present. Share resources with teachers via GoogleDrive.
  • Apply technology to best practices, i.e. provide tech resources for PBL.