Task 2- Review Dashboard and OER

Log into PowerSchool and Access Schoolnet
  1. Go to the PowerSchool page for admins or teachers
  2. Login with your 1-digit ID
  3. Access Schoolnet 

  1. View the video below for a preview of what Schoolnet's Data Dashboard is designed to do.
  2. Take a few minutes to explore the Dashboard within Schoolnet.
  3. Considering the roles and operations discussed earlier, what thoughts do you have about the Dashboard and how it would be used in your position at your school?

OER (Open Educational Resources)
Within Schoolnet, DPI has included resources that are shared among all districts in the state.  
  1. Take a few minutes to explore the resources by yourself.
  2. Talk with a nearby partner about the resources and your thoughts.
  3. Are there any resources that you do not see that you would like included?
  4. Leave your thoughts in the "Feedback" document below.
Open Educational Resources (OER)