Home Base and Schoolnet Updates

  • Pearson moved the SchoolNet Hosting environment to a robust dedicated hardware environment at the end of January.  Pearson believes that the dedicated hardware at the new data center will result in improved system performance and availability.  

SchoolNet Run of Show

Action/Task DescriptionTarget Date
Provide training for early adopter schools (Exploration and Discovery)January 2014 and ongoing
Analyze feedback from early adopter trainingFebruary
Solicit feedback from additional stakeholder groups (CIA, RD&A, EC, Student Services, other LEAS))February
Finalize decision to opt in/opt out February 2014
(DPS Budget deadline is March 1, 2014)
(NCDPI deadline is July 15, 2014)
Confirm school-based training teamsApril 2014
Provide training to school-based training teamsJune 2014
School-based teams develop training plansJuly/August 2014
Deliver school-based training on SchoolNet and OpenClass per school-based plansJuly (YR)/ August 2014 and ongoing

Schoolnet Early-Adopter Survey

Would you recommend Schoolnet as DPS' IIS?
Why or why not?
NoThere are not many resources for K-2, too many bugs and glitches, some aspects would be not helpful in the school setting.
NoToo many bugs, not enough resources for those in the K-2 departments. I don't think its very teacher friendly.
NoI don't feel we had the opportunity to explore Schoolnet. It may be user friendly, but I did not experience that situation.
NoEven with all of the computer and internet issues, I did feel as though I got a good experience with Schoolnet and what it could really offer. If I could have seen actual lesson plans and quality assessments, I think I would have rated it in the fair or good categories. I still don't think it is something that the corporation should invest in this UNLESS we can link all of our data to it as well. Our data, lesson plans and assessments SHOULD be in 1 place!
YesIt is easier to have one resource to use.
YesI believe that the online gradebook and assessment creation will be very helpful tools for our school. I like the idea that lesson plans will be able to be shared across schools and districts.
YesThe assessment creation component is wonderful and a shared lesson plan bank would be beneficial. Standard alignment to tasks and assessments is a plus.
YesIts a one stop shop with all information available in one location. It is user friendly.
YesAll information housed in one location. It is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
YesWithout the bugs I think this would be a great system to use. If the bugs can not be fixed then I don't think it would be worth it to purchase the software. The money spent would be a waste because teachers won't use it because of the hang-ups
YesIt is a great resource once the bugs are worked out. It will be nice to have all of our data in ine place.
YesSchoolnet is full of essential components that makes teaching easier. (Creating assessments directly aligned to Common Core Standards) I am absolutely in love with the number of test items for upper grades, however I would recommend more test items are available for K-2 elementary.

Teachers will be thrilled that they will be able to work from one dashboard. Many programs are confusing, in contrast to Schoolnet everything is essentially arranged in a primary location.
YesI like the standards that I can see there for the various subjects and I believe that will help the teachers narrow their test question selections a little bit better. With a little patience, I do believe we can make it work.
YesAlthough there are some thing that concern me about SchoolNet for explain lack of assessment questions for many questions, I believe it is a great resource for teachers. I have already used it to create one assessment for students in my math class. Even though I was unable to allow them to take the assessment on the computer due to lack of login information I was pleased with the type of questions within the assessment tool.
YesThe assessment creation component was be an great asset for teachers to use to ensure proper standard to assessment alignment.
YesIt appears to be a good resource for teachers. Having all documents and data in one location for easy access as well as alignment is extremely valuable. The fact that there is the potential for sharing information between districts is great.
YesIt exceeds any of our current platforms. Since we have to make this decision without a full examination, based on what I have seen thus far, I will say yes.
YesMy decision to recommend/ not recommend is based primarily on whether or not teachers will have access to the data component of schoolnet. This would be a great asset to have everything in 1 place where teacher have access to everything they need.
YesI think it would be a good resource for parents, students, and teachers because its a one centralized program where everyone is able to go to and help students.
YesI think SchoolNet is a great way to have everything in a central location. I think to be able to share information between schools and maybe even districts is a wonderful idea. It is a great way to save time and create assessments once all are plugged in and ready.