Media-Tech Survey, January, 2014

Below are the results from the survey sent out on February 3rd.   There were 25 responses.

PLC Survey Results
What are the reasons for your ability or inability to collaboratively plan with your school PLCs? On a weekly, monthly, quarterly average, how often do you get the opportunity to collaboratively plan with your school PLCs?
Lack of time
Resistance from teachers
This question could be taken two ways: 1. I meet within my PLC with Mattie several times during the week to plan. 2. I do not meet with the teachers in their PLCs because I usually either have a meeting or called to help someone with a tech issue. In most instances, I do not know when departments meet. Some meet within small schools, some still meet in departments. I have attended small schools meetings. For the most part, we collaboratively plan with individual teachers, who (may or may not) speak to other teachers in their PLC.

Hence, the "very often" is for my planning within my media PLC. Otherwise, almost never in departments. It's complicated....:-)
Scheduling 2
The main challenge is having to close the media center when I go to core and elective PLCs (unless I can convince them to meet in the library!) Lack of media assistants means it's a lot more difficult to find time to collaborate. I end up doing a lot of those conversations via email. 3
They often have other meetings and things that they are required to take care of. Many teachers feel overburdened. 2
I don't have anyone to cover the media center if I go to the meetings. It would require me to basically close the media center two days a week. Also the PLCs are run by our IFs and there is no time during the PLC meetings to collaborate with teachers. They are stressed to the max already with what they are required to do for the meetings, and they really don't have "planning" time anymore. Thanks to Common Core, unpacking, rigor and relevance, essential questions, I can statements, etc. 2
PLC's are not given time to meet. We have to carve out time as best we can and that does not happen very often. 2
We plan collaboratively when developing unit/lesson that involves research or learning new technology skill and this does not happen a lot due to time and computer limitations. It goes in spurts.
I meet with the grade level PLCs at Lucas about once a month, though sometimes more often. Typically I present PD to them during this time. They work on data as a PLC but they don't plan as PLCs. When I collaboratively plan with teachers it is usually one on one. 3
TIME! There's always something that comes up or no common planning/meeting time. 2
Small school, principal buy-in, teacher buy-in 4
We are not present to attend their PLCs; especially, if we are out of the building. I still manage to collaborate with teachers on a few projects but not with certain teams. 2
They meet once a week, and I am able to meet with them about half the time. Sometimes I am teaching a class or the library is otherwise busy, so I can't attend. I don't have an assistant, so I can't always leave the media center if there are students in it. If it's fairly empty in here when the PLC is happening, though, I am able to attend their meetings and plan collaboratively. 3
We are always in the library working with or supervising students. We collaborate w/ teachers when they come to the library, but are not able to attend scheduled meetings. 1
Time 2
I've never been invited to plan with my school's PLC's although I realize this is probably an option. Patrick, our ITF, does on a regular basis, though, I believe. 2
PLCs meet at the stme time. PLCs change meeting time and place without notifying me. Get called to fix immediate needs. 2
Particularly iPad service generally keeps us bound to the Media Center where the students are directed to come to request assistance. Both the Tech Champion and I are usually available for issues from forgotten logins to iPad tech concerns. 2
It is hard for our PLC to meet because we need to meet with the others. It is also hard because our groups meet during common planning so it is hard to get to them. 3
There really are not enough hours in the day to do everything that is required of my job and have 6 1-hour meetings each week with all of the Core teachers in my building. 1
The Media Center is open before, during, and after school, which leaves very little time for collaborative planning. Opportunities for working 'in-house' are rare. 2

PLC Value

PLC Survey
PLC Survey

PLC Survey

Option A
I would like to share resources and best practices with my media-tech colleagues.
Option B
I would like to share resources and best practices with subject-area specialists so they can share with their subject-area PLCs.
  • The process of reorganizing our fiction collection by genre 
  • Google Docs--adding google apps and extensions, formemailer youcanbookme site
  • Resources re: cataloging/reconfiguring collection by genre.
  • Google Docs--adding google apps and extensions, formemailer youcanbookme site

Option C 
On which emerging and "Five Pillar" technologies would you like to receive PD?
Project-Based Learning719%
Google Hangouts514%
Google Scripts38%
Google Drive, Calendar, Mail, and Sites38%
iOS & iOS Apps (iPads)38%
Google Custom Search Engine26%
Flipped Classroom26%
Safe and Ethical Use of Technology26%
Schoolnet (adding lesson plans and resources with ITES in mind)26%
Discovery Ed13%
Atomic Learning13%
Research Process13%
World Book Online13%
Using Facebook and Twitter for Parent Communication13%
TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)00%