Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101

Training participants will:
  • remember basic information about podcasts and vodcasts
  • understand feeds (i.e. RSS feeds)
  • explore and evaluate educational content in iTunes & iTunes U
  • analyze and discuss the integration of podcasts/vodcasts in the classroom
  • create a podcast on the iPod Touch
  • create a vodcast on the Flip camera
Podcasting in Plain English via Common Craft

Resources & How-to's:
Integration Ideas:
Practice 1: Create a podcast
Interview a partner using these guiding questions:
 Partner 1:

What is a podcast?
How can podcasts be used in the classroom?
 Partner 2:

What is available on iTunes for educational use?
How can iTunes content be used in the classroom?

Practice 2: Create a vodcast

Present a small portion of a short story to your partner while he/she videotapes it.

Final thoughts? Questions?