The Five Pillars of Digital Teaching & Learning

The DPS Media & Educational Technology team has organized the information and technology within the District into five categories:

1.  Standards & Policies
2.  Best Practices
3.  Tools for Teaching & Learning
4.  Curriculum Support Resources
5.  Assessment

Success of any of the items in the five categories is highly dependent on the teacher and support staff having a strong foundation of TPACK- Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge, and Technological Knowledge.

In Google Chrome, click on any of the items in the graphic to learn more. 

Please note that access to Discovery Education, Atomic Learning, and DPS Google Apps of Education require logging in using your DPS credentials (user name: firstname_lastname & your email password). Learn more here.

For a full list of access information (logins, serial numbers, passcodes, etc.) for all the Five Pillar resources, click here (DPS Google Docs login required).