Web Filter Resources


The Internet is a wonderful teaching and learning tool.  With a world of resources literally at our fingertips, the 21st Century is an exciting time to be a teacher or student.  Although the Internet contains inappropriate and, sometimes, harmful material, Durham Public Schools believes that the benefits of the Internet in the educational setting far outweigh the negatives.

CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) and District Policies

To reduce the negative aspects of the Internet, Federal law mandates that DPS implement a web filtering product.  In order to get Federal funds, DPS must configure the filter so that it abides by CIPA guidelines.  Additionally, the DPS School Board has instituted District policies that outline what is acceptable use of the Internet in the District.  Therefore, a local administrator of the web filter must be knowledgeable of these laws and policies.

Web Filter Support Materials

DPS Block/Unblock Web Site Rubric

Because of large amount of information contained in the laws and policies above, the DPS Educational Technology Department along with teachers from across the District created a rubric to objectively evaluate the appropriateness of web sites that are requested to blocked or unblocked.  Watch the video to learn how the Rubric can help you and your teachers understand and adhere to the pertinent laws and policies.

ZScaler Web Filter

DPS is ready to migrate to a new CIPA filter on November 5, 2012. The new filter offers

a design more suited for the K-12 environment, reduces administration requirements, and

easily standardizes across school types for consistent filtering from school to school. Below is

information about the product and a description of the process and support structure in place for

operating the zScaler filter.

ZScaler Quick Reference Guide

Logging into zScaler Video Tutorial