Are there any differences DPS will notice between Marshal 86 and zScaler?

We just finished a three-month internal testing on zScaler and learned many lessons and best practices during the process. Below are two major differences which will impact the management and usage of the new zScaler filter:
  •         Filtering will now be managed by the following groups not by individual school sites.
  •             Elementary
  •             Middle
  •             High School & Secondary
  •             Faculty and Staff
  •         Support will be managed from the DPS network team with MCNC for escalations.
  •             “Common sense” requests can be handled within 24 hours.
  •             CIPA Advisory Group will approve and disapprove of borderline unblock/block requests.
  •             CIPA Advisory Group approval process will take 24-48 hours for resolution.

These two differences are major changes from our current setup, but are essential in ensuring
proper CIPA compliance.