How does zScaler know which sites I can view? Or Students can view?

Each user accessing the internet from a DPS location or from a DPS-owned internet enabled device will be prompted to enter their DPS User Name and Password. These credentials are tied into the DPS computing systems and specific group memberships which tell the zScaler to block or allow websites based upon the user’s job title and duties performed for DPS. For example, a teacher will be able to view more internet content than a student. And a High School student will be allowed to access more than a Middle School student and a Middle School student more than an Elementary School student.

User credentials are the key to this system. Thus it is very important to not leave any computer open or logged on without supervision or for generic use.

IT has created generic accounts that teachers and admins can log in as a student for testing websites.  
These accounts will verify whether students can access particular websites or not. The accounts are as
Elementary School – Username: ZS-Test-E, Password: Password2012
Middle School – Username: ZS-Test-M, Password: Password2012
High School – Username: ZS-Test-H, Password: Password2012

Please note that after logging in and testing as a student on your machine or from a public computer, you should close your browser and clear the temporary cache.  This will force new authentication for the next user accessing the Internet on that machine.