What is the process for requesting a block or unblock through zScaler?

1. Submit an email to: Help.Desk@dpsnc.net

a.  Include the following details in the email:
    • Copy of Complete URL
    • Clearly state “Block” or “Unblock”
    • Fully explain reason for the request
    • Your name and contact information
    • Best time to reach you
    • Any additional pertinent details such as “needed by” dates
    • Include Screenshot of blocked webpage and ZScaler notice
2. Request ticket be submitted to the “IntelliNet” technical team queue
a. Most requests will be handled within 24 hours
b. Additional time may be required if the URL does not clearly display educational materials and content
3. Sites which do not clearly display Educational content will be required to go through the CIPA Advisory Group
a. The Group will receive a voting email/Edmodo for which they have 24 hours to respond with an “approve” or “disapprove”
b. The email will contain all details submitted by the requestor as stated in Item 1