Why are we moving to zScaler?

Our previous filter, Marshall 86 has become very cumbersome in regards to maintaining the appliance and properly blocking and unblocking websites as they are requested from the District.
Additionally, the filter did not work the way we intended or required of it. The zScaler filter
directly addresses many of our issues and concerns. Please refer to the below bullet section for
some of the new benefits of zScaler:
  •     Secure sites (HTTPS) will now be properly filtered.
  •     Monthly Reports will be automatically generated and emailed to the School’s TechChampions and Principals.
  •     If and when Board policy allows devices to go home, the zScaler supports the this requirement.
  •     New Filter is more intuitive of School requirements and needs. Many other NC districts also use zScaler as their Web Content filter of choice.
  •     Previous whitelist has been reviewed and some sites have been pre-populated within zScaler.
  •     Most block/unblock requests to be handled within 24 hours.
  •     Additional layer of web security (virus and malware blocking) features are also in place.
  •     Ability to block services Marshall 86 could not: Instant Messaging, Streaming Media,