ESL Professional Learning

 4B. Professional Development Plan for 2013-2014
Describe the professional development plan for administrators, content teachers, ESL teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school or community-based organizational personnel of sufficient intensity and duration to have a lasting impact on teachers’ performance in the classroom. Sec. 3115 (c)(2)] For BASIC include PD for ALL STUDENTS and STAFF that relate to ELLs’ needs.

ParticipantsTitle/TopicGoalApproximate DatesFollow UpBasic/ Supplemental
ESL TeachersCCSS ELA/WIDA ELD StandardsDifferentiation Ongoing PLCsCurriculum reviewsBasic
New ESL Teachers
ESL 101- Data MaintenanceKnowledge and applicationOngoingOnline and PLCsBasic
ESL Teachers and RtI teams
RtI and ELLsPlacement and differentiationAugust 2013Curriculum reviews and PLCsBasic and supplemental
ESL Teachers
ESL LinguafolioDifferentiationAugust 2013-April 2013Curriculum reviews and PLCsBasic
ESLTeachers and school administrators
Data-driven Program EvaluationProgram  review scheduling and service deliveryJuly – August 2013Walkthroughs and observationsBasic
ESL and Gen Ed Teachers
CC Literacy Development for Secondary ELLsDifferentiationSummer 2013 – Spring 2013- 3 sessions Online collaboration and walkthroughsSupplemental
Gen Ed Teachers
ESL CertificationDifferentiationFall 2013 and Spring 2014 Online collaborationSupplemental
Gen Ed Teachers
SIOP TrainingDifferentiationOngoingOnline trainingSupplemental
School/depart-ment staff
Annual Cultural ResponsivenessDistrict/School ImprovementSeptember 2013WalkthroughsBasic and supplemental