Schoolnet 101

 101 Overview, Instructions, & Schedule
To instruct staff on Schoolnet, we have divided the training into basic information and skills, which we are referring to Schoolnet 101, and more advanced information and skills, which will be taught in Schoolnet 201.  Schoolnet 101 is all online, contains less than 10 ten minutes of video content, and must be completed before participating in the face-to-face Schoolnet 201 session.   

1.  Watch each of the six Schoolnet 101 videos, starting with Schoolnet- Introduction to Schoolnet
2.  After watching the sixth video, Schoolnet- Assessments Introduction, complete and submit the Check for Understanding Form.
3.  You will receive an email confirming your completion of Schoolnet 101.  Completion of Schoolnet 101 is necessary to participate in Schoolnet 201.    

Schoolnet Training Schedule:
 Schoolnet 101•  May 15 to July 15, 2014 (Year-Round)
•  May 15 to August 18, 2014 (Traditional)
1. Click on each of modules under Schoolnet 101 on the right sidebar.
2.  View each video and complete the Check for Understanding Form.

3.  Your submission of each form is verification that you have completed Schoolnet 101 and are prepared to participate in Schoolnet 201.
Schoolnet 201•  July 16 or 17 (Year-Round)
•  August 19, 20, 
or 21 (Traditional)
•  Schoolnet 201 will be a face-to-face training session delivered by a school-level training team.