Why Schoolnet?

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Durham Public Schools will use Schoolnet for standards-aligned classroom and district formative assessments.  Classroom teachers will have access to the Schoolnet item bank to create mini formative assessments throughout the school year.  

District curriculum leaders will use Schoolnet item banks to create interim formative assessments for teachers to use at the end of instructional units according to the instructional pacing calendars set forth by district curriculum leadership.

As a result of both, all users will use Schoolnet to obtain specific data in order to make informed decisions about student mastery of standards and instructional needs (corrective instruction and enrichment).

The district will explore and act on opportunities to provide single sign-on access to other resources that are used in the district that are not affiliated with the Schoolnet resource.

  • User-friendly
  • Multiple item banks
  • Informative dashboard feature
  • Cost-effective (less expensive than currently used resource to provide a similar function
  • Synchronized with other reporting software/resources
  • Editable
  • Electronic and paper/pencil options
  • Compatible with existing scanners
  • Less data entry prep work required
  • Share-able