NC PowerTeacher Overview

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The Short version of entering Grades

Phase 1
Phase 2

     2.  Standards-based Grading
  • In order to clearly communicate Durham Public Schools’ belief that our students can and should be provided opportunities, when appropriate, to exceed grade level standards we have added a level 4 to the academic achievement levels. The message regarding        standards-based grading remains consistent. A student demonstrating mastery on grade level assessments (PLC-created, CDAs, Performance Tasks, EOGs, etc.) should receive a level 3, which is indicative that the student is meeting all standards. In order to receive a level 4 (Exceeds ALL Standards) students demonstrating mastery of all grade level standards within a cluster should receive instruction and assessment opportunities that demonstrate understanding and performance beyond the requirements as described by the grade level standards. Any student receiving instruction beyond what is required by the grade level standards should be provided a narrative that clearly communicates the focus and level of instruction the student received. Additionally, students receiving AIG, EC, and/or ESL services should receive a district supplemental document describing a student’s progress regarding specialized services.
    3.  Elementary Gradebook Training Introduction & Overview - Pre-requisites 
     4.  Elementary Gradebook Training - Getting Started 
Phase 3

     4.  Progress Reports, Final Grades & Other Features of the Elementary Gradebook 

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