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June 5, 2016

Entry video for final grades is located HERE ,  Please keep in mind that you will see the red explanation points in the column to the left, F1.  Also note that you STILL have to enter quarter 4 grades as usual.  Final grade written instructions can be obtained from your Data Manager.

  February 5, 2016

Please note there had been several questions about grouping EC, AIG, etc. The following is the link for a cheat sheet on how to do so, HERE, under "Setting up Groups".
  January 20, 2016

Please note there had been several questions about comments:  The following are the written instructions and they are also included in the initial video below:

Comments must be entered by doing the following:
  • Click on Activity Period Homeroom 
  • Click on the student's name
  • Right Click in the blue area next to the students name and the arrow
  • Click on Fill Score Inspector
  • Click on the Comments Tab
  • Double click to on a comment to enter in English and Spanish or simply type in your comment.
October 21, 2015 - Gradebook 101

Due to the technical difficulties with PowerTeacher that occurred before taping and after recording the following is the link to review Gradebook 101 - How to Enter Scores 
  Standards-based Grade Video
How should I grade using Standards-based grading and the 4-point scale.
How do I sign in to Gradebook? username:  10-digit or less UID and password:   whatever you created

If you receive an error message in Chrome and you need to clear your browser.

Click here to view how to clear your browser.
 1/20/2015 Webinar 1  Gradebook, Take 1 Core Teachers 
 1/20/2015 Webinar 2 Gradebook, Take 2 Special Teachers
 1/20/2015 Webinar 3 Gradebook, Take 3 FAQs

Below are the (3) steps in entering scores into the Gradebook for output into the Elementary Report Card.  
Come along and ride on this fantastic voyage!

Non-academic Behaviors


Creating Assignments



Tidbits to remember:
Remember your non-academic behaviors created under your homeroom and check whether the student is ESL, EC, and AIG
- Remember Text Reading Level under ELA 
- Remember click on the Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. box to assure you are entering grades in the correct quarter.  Remember the (2) places noted in the 

Click HERE for more information.