Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists
by School
Lead OT - Lenore Champion
919-560-3772 ext. 65734

Bethesda Elementary                      

Brogden Middle                              

Burton Elementary                         

CC Spaulding Elementary               

CE Jordan High                              

City of Medicine                             

Club Boulevard Elementary            

Creekside Elementary                    

DPS Hospital School                        

Durham School of the Arts              


EK Powe Elementary                       

Easley Elementary                          

Eastway Elementary                       

Eno Valley Elementary                    

Fayetteville Street Elementary       

Forest View Elementary                  

George Carrington Middle               

George Watts Elementary               

Glenn Elementary                          

Hillandale Elementary                    

Hillside High                                  

Hillside New Tech High                   

Holt Elementary                            

Hope Valley Elementary                 

JD Clement Early College High       

James E. Shepard Middle               

Lakeview School                            

Lakewood Elementary                    

Lakewood Montessori Middle          

Little River Elementary                  

Lowe's Grove Middle                      

Lucas Middle                                 

Mangum Elementary                      

Merrick-Moore Elementary             

Middle College HS @D TCC             
Morehead Montessori                     

Neal Middle                                   

Northern High                                

Oak Grove Elementary                   

Parkwood Elementary                    

Pearsontown Elementary               

Preschool Assessment Team           

RN Harris Elementary                    

Riverside High                               

Roger-Herr Middle                         

Sandy Ridge Elementary                

Sherwood Githens Middle               

Southern  High                               


Southwest Elementary                   

Spring Valley Elementary               

School for Creative Studies            

WG Pearson Elementary                

YE Smith Elementary