DPS Central Instructions

  • DPS Central
    • What- a Google Site edited by each DPS Central service department to communicate information and resources to staff.
      • What to enter?
        • Your department’s contact information (names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. of those in your department).
        • Important links and resources for your “customers” to access at anytime.
        • Check out http://central.dpsnc.net/media-tech for an example.
    • Why- to streamline communication by allowing for unlimited editors and leveraging the other Google services (Drive, Docs, Calendar, YouTube, etc.).
    • How- DPS Central Service staff members can use the DPS Central Editing Cheat Sheet for editing instructions.
  • DPS Academic Services Calendar
    • What- a Google Calendar listing events from all the DPS Central Service departments.
    • Why- to increase awareness of the events and help avoid scheduling conflicts.
    • How- DPS Central Service staff members can use these instructions to add events to the calendar.
      • The events that are added should be major district-wide events.  For instance, an event that would qualify for the Media & Educational Technology Department would be Battle of the Books.
      • Do not add professional development sessions being held by your department.  The Leadership & Professional Development Department will add all approved PD sessions.
  • Departmental YouTube Video Instructions
    • What- online videos hosted on YouTube.
    • Why- to provide presentation-style (e.g. PowerPoint) information online so staff can access anytime, anywhere.  
    • How- DPS Central Service staff members can use the video instructions below to create and post their videos.
            Need to delete a video?  Click here for help.