Policy 4326 Seclusion and Restraint Training

  • Watch and understand the DPS Policy 4326 video presentation in its entirety.  This is a requirement for each Durham Public School licensed staff member.  
  • After watching the video presentation on this page or on YouTube, each staff member is required to submit an electronic confirmation using the form below.  
    • The confirmation will serve as an electronic signature.
    • Note, you must be logged into your DPS Google Apps account (http://docs.dpsnc.net) to view and submit the form below. 
  • Deadlines for submittal are:
    • September 10th for Year-round calendar staff.
    • October 14th traditional calendar staff.
    • If you cannot view the video below, click here for an alternative feed.

*If you cannot see the form below, log into your DPS Google Apps account at http://docs.dpsnc.net with your DPS username (firstname_lastname) and password.  Click here for help.  
  • If you still cannot view the form, make sure you are logged off any personal Google account, close your browser, relaunch it, log into your DPS Google Apps account at http://docs.dpsnc.net with your DPS username (firstname_lastname) and password, and then try this external link.