Essentials for College Math

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Chapter 1:  Algebraic Expressions
Ch 1: Student Manual
Chapter 2:  Equations
Ch 2: Student Manual
Chapter 3: Measurement and Proportional Reasoning Ch 3: Student Manual
Hook: Play this clip and ask your students to solve it.
Challenge: Solve without a calculator. Extra challenge: Solve without pencil and paper (like the contestant has to). It allows students to work on estimation skills and consider how precision plays a role. After group discussion, start the problems in the manual. 
Bonus - "Do you agree with the contestant's reasoning and math?"
Chapter 4: Linear Functions
 Ch 4: Student Manual
Chapter 5: Linear Systems of Equations Ch 5: Student Manual     
Chapter 6: Quadratic Functions Ch 6: Student Manual 
Chapter 7:  Exponential Functions Ch 7: Student Manual 
Chapter 8:  Statistical Data Ch 8: Student Manual