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Unit 1: Transformations NEW
Representing and Combining Transformations
Representing and Combining Transformations Teacher Answer Key
CL IM2: Chapter 1 
CL IM2: Chapter 2
CL IM2: Chapter 4
CL IM2: Chapter 5

Parent Function Investigation

Unit 2: Quadratics NEW

Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones Teacher Answer Key
CL IM2: Chapter 12
CL IM2: Chapter 13 CL IM2: Chapter 14
CL IM2: Chapter 15

CL IM3: Chapter 4

Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles Activity

Unit 3:  Radicals and Rationals NEW

  The Aussie Fir Tree
The Aussie Fir Tree Teacher Answer Key

CL IM2 Chapter 13

CL IM3 Chapter 11 

I Have Who Has Card Activity

Taking a Closer Look

Graphing Radical Equations

Do I Have to Mow the Whole Thing

Unit 4: Triangle Congruency and Similarities NEW
CL IM2 Chapter 2 CL IM2 Chapter 3 CL IM2 Chapter 4
CL IM2 Chapter 5    

CL IM2 Chapter 6

Unit 5: Trigonometry NEW CL IM2 Chapter 3
CL IM2 Chapter 8

Trigonometry Graphs PowerPoint Trigonometric Values Worksheet Trigonometric Blank Axes Worksheet

Unit 6: Probability NEW CL IM2 Chapter 19
CL IM2 Chapter 20