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DPS Unit Maps Performance TaskResources and Lessons**Note:  You will need to log into the Carnegie Learning (CL CCSIM) Resource Center to access the links in the Resources and Lessons.
Unit 1: Coordinate Transformations

Representing and Combining Transformations

The Aussie Fir Tree

CL CCSSIM1: Chapter 1

CL CCSSIM3: Chapter 4

CL CCSSIM2: Chapter 12

Regents Prep

Parent Function Investigation

Unit 3: Quadratics Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones Teacher Answer Key
 CCSSIM3 Chapter 4 CCSSIM2 Chapter 12
CCSSIM2 Chapter 13
Unit 4: Exponential and Logarithmic  CCSSIM1 Chapter 5 CCSSIM3 Chapter 11  CCSSIM3 Chapter 12
Unit 5: Modeling with Geometry CCSSIM2 Chapter 9
CCSSIM2 Chapter 10    

CCSSIM2 Chapter 11

CCSSIM2 Chapter 18
Unit 6: Triangles CCSSIM2 Chapter 3
CCSSIM2 Chapter 5    

CCSSIM2 Chapter 6

Unit 7: Trigonometry Trigonometry Graphs PowerPoint Trigonometric Values Worksheet Trigonometric Blank Axes Worksheet CCSSIM2 Chapter 8
Unit 8: Probability