Grade 8 Math

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Unit 1: Solving Equations and Inequalities
Topic 1: Solving Equations and Inequalities NEW
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Unit 2: Real Numbers and Exponent Patterns
Topic 2: The Real Number System NEW
Topic 3: Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation NEW

Unit 3: The Pythagorean Theorem
Topic 4: The Pythagorean Theorem NEW

Unit 5 Systems of Equations
Topic 7: Systems of Equations NEW

Unit 6 Geometry: Transformations and Angles
Topic 8: Transformations and Congruence NEW
Topic 9: Transformations and Similarity NEW

Unit 7: Geometry: Three-Dimensional Geometry 
Topic 10: Volume NEW

Unit 8: Bivariate Statistics
Topic 11: Bivariate Statistics: Linear Models & Tables NEW